About Andrew J. Goldberg

agoldberg252No clichés from me. I’m not a Ninja of anything. I’m not a Guru (but I’ve been know to try Yoga, and I also do HIIT training and love to Spin). I’m passionate first about my family, then making sure my children write well and have great grammar, and then everything else.  I am a husband and dad. I was formerly a sought after proof-reader of high school papers (my kids are in college now), and grammar aficionado. Now, I’m a career counselor to an aspiring Registered Dietician and an aspiring Public Health professional.  And my wife says I’m addicted to my iPhone (but who isn’t).

Most people think of their lawyer as someone who says “No” and prevents them from growing their business. I’m different: I hate the word “No”. My job is to find a way to say “Yes” and help you develop strategies to grow your business. I will challenge you on your finances, marketing, production and manufacturing issues, HR matters and more. I’m not just a risk management guy (but when problems do arise, I don’t reinvent the wheel or use untested strategies; I use my experience and proven tactics to achieve your goals).

It’s really quite simple for me: I love working with entrepreneurs and learning EVERYTHING about their business. When we meet, I’ll ask you questions. A lot of questions. Then, I listen. And listen some more. And when there is that awkward silence when no one is speaking – it’s your turn for more speaking. I want to know all about your business and concerns.

I don’t think I’m really innovative or unique; the law is what it is. But I have been told my approach to practicing law is unique (when we meet, you’ll find out). I’ll guide you in thinking and viewing situations from new and different perspectives. And I’ll do it with Passion. With Energy. With Knowledge. And With Experience.

I’m also a certified public accountant and am frequently involved in matters where legal, accounting and business issues intersect. Businesses seek my advice for business formations, operations, acquisitions and sales of business, structuring shareholder and buy-sell agreements, employment and non-competition/solicitation agreements, protecting IP, developing operating structures and the relationships between owners, reducing their taxes, succession planning (and related estate planning issues), and general contracts matters. I work in a variety of industries including with technology companies, auto suppliers, retailers, manufacturer and service providers, medical practices, and advertising and marketing companies.