You Need to Review Your Cyber Policy Right Now

This important blog post takes a look at a critical cyber insurance case affecting Michigan businesses.  This case ultimately went to the Sixth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.  This court case is a solid reminder to review your cyber insurance policy before it’s too late. Continue reading “You Need to Review Your Cyber Policy Right Now”

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Know This One Thing to Avoid Personal Liability

Sometimes, the presumed liability shield of an LLC and a corporation doesn’t help and YOU can be held personally liable for the debts of a company.

This was proven in a recent Michigan Court of Appeals case, Bryant v Horatio Williams and Hattie Williams-Fields. Continue reading “Know This One Thing to Avoid Personal Liability”

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How to Create a Corporate Culture That Will Wow Your Employees

In our last post, we recounted a discussion with Educational Data Systems, Inc., and their observations of a company they were providing consulting services too.

We received great feedback from the story, so we decided to expand on the issues of attracting and retaining talent.  EDSI has refined the key issues every employer must address to move the needle in the areas of talent attraction, development and retention. Continue reading “How to Create a Corporate Culture That Will Wow Your Employees”

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One Successful Company’s Advice on How to Win Over Employees

I recently had a conversation with a colleague at Education Data Systems, Inc. (EDSI) about talent management.  Now, this topic is quite timely because almost all respondents to my 2018 Confidence and Clarity Survey stated that retention of talent and finding well-qualified workers will be one of their greatest challenges in 2018.

When it comes to this topic, EDSI is a great resource.  They are in the business of Workforce Development, Talent Management, Employment & Training Programs, and HR Consulting.  In 2016 and 2017, it was the only Michigan company to win all of the following awards: National Best and Brightest® Companies to Work for, Crain’s Cool Places to Work, Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces, Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies and the Sloan When Work Works Award.  As a result, it is often looked at by other companies looking to get better, smarter and faster at how they attract, train and retain top talent.

During my conversation, they shared a story that speaks volumes about how you should think about your talent management and may even prompt you to think about one or two, relatively low-cost ideas you can do to endear yourself to your employees, and bank some goodwill throughout the organization. Continue reading “One Successful Company’s Advice on How to Win Over Employees”

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5 Reasons to Immediately Abandon Your Best Product

Respondents to our 2018 Confidence and Clarity Survey expressed a strong likelihood to add new products and enter new markets this year.   The corollary to that was that they also said that it was highly unlikely they were going to abandon any markets.

This post is about why you should strongly consider abandoning your best product and market.  Right now.

Continue reading “5 Reasons to Immediately Abandon Your Best Product”

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What the Heck is a Quantitative Futurist? And What They Want You to Know

It’s not every day you meet a quantitative futurist, right?

So when I saw that Amy Webb, quantitative futurist, professor at New York University Stern School of Business, founder of the Future Today Institute, and recipient of Thinkers50 RADAR Award (an award naming the 50 top business thinkers in the world) was speaking at a conference at the Charles A. Wright African-American Museum a couple weeks ago, I was so intrigued that I had to go hear what she had to say.

Over 200 people from all areas of the Detroit business, education, and non-profit communities came to hear what Amy had to say.  And she didn’t disappoint.

Continue reading “What the Heck is a Quantitative Futurist? And What They Want You to Know”

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3 Dangers of Not Understanding Your LLC Operating Agreement

Think you can sign your LLC Operating Agreement, put it in a drawer, and then forget it?

No chance.

Think of your Operating Agreement as the foundation of your business…the playbook for your company.

Need to know what happens if a member leaves or dies? Operating Agreement. What everyone’s roles and responsibilities are?  Operating Agreement.  Resolving disputes among members?  Operating Agreement.

So you can see how if you referred to your Operating Agreement and it didn’t address these situations, or it stated the opposite of what you thought or wanted, it could be a big problem.

Continue reading “3 Dangers of Not Understanding Your LLC Operating Agreement”

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Happy Single Tasking Day

You do it.

I do it.

We ALL do it.

But should we?

Whether it is the distraction of phone calls, emails, or checking texts or Facebook on our iPhone, we always seem to be doing two things at once.

However, scientific studies have shown that we are not really doing two things at once.  We are just flipping constantly between doing one thing at a time without giving our full attention to either.

Photo Credit:

Continue reading “Happy Single Tasking Day”

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Get This Book for a Daily Kick in the Pants


For most of us, it’s tough.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, we go to work and try to improve our lot in life.

Over this time there are certainly days where we just don’t feel motivated, inspired, or see visible progress in our careers.  To get through those days, a little inspiration would be great.  If you feel this way, a great book to consider is Jim Stovall’s Wisdom for Winners: A Millionaire Mindset. Continue reading “Get This Book for a Daily Kick in the Pants”

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