Our Unique Processes

We are out to change how law firms work with their clients. Yes, it’s an uphill battle and when one tries to change an industry that has been around for hundreds of years, it can be a daunting task. But we think we are up to the challenge.

So how did we arrive here? We started by asking our existing clients what is missing from the way we deliver our legal services. “Yes”, we actually asked them to critique us. Then, we also asked other companies we admired how they provide a great customer experience. After we gathered all this information, we developed two Unique Processes that guide how we serve our business and estate planning clients. But, even before implementing our process, we went back to our clients for more feedback. A little more tweaking, a little more creativity, and Confidence and Clarity For Entrepreneurs and A Proven Path to Estate Planning were born.

How it works

Most attorney client relationships are filled with mystery. A client comes in, states her/his problem, leaves, and then the lawyer goes to work trying to solve the problem. But the client really never knows what goes on. Our Unique Processes give our clients a transparent view of what they can expect from us and an understanding how we help you. It’s also intended to show them all the work we do that is not always apparent. These Unique Processes help us provide a higher level of service, on a consistent basis, and more efficiently. More importantly, our clients have told us they appreciate the candor and openness in how we operate.

Download the Confidence and Clarity For Entrepreneurs PDF and A Proven Path to Estate Planning PDF to learn more or contact us to set up an appointment.